Calisthenics – A New Fitness Trend To Follow

If you are a fan of calisthenics, then you might still be wondering why it isn’t popular. Guess what? This fantastic workout has made it to the list of the top fitness trends in 2017, meaning that you will see a lot of people engaging in body weight exercises instead of weight lifting. If you’ve never thought of it, then probably you are going to be one of those people. Besides, why are you here?

Before you choose calisthenics among other workouts, you must remember that calisthenics didn’t start yesterday. In fact, it is one of the exercises that was common among Greeks when disks, barbells, and dumbbells didn’t make much sense. So, how did weight loss overtake body weight?

Well, sometime in the past, muscle was considered manly. Apparently, if you are well acquainted with celebrity news, it is likely you know how Arnold Schwarzenegger transitioned from a regular weight lifter to Mr. Olympia to a movie fanatic to a senator. It was all about achieving a fantastic physique through weight lifting. The point is, calisthenics was popular until people became more interested in weight lifting.

The question is, why are we going back? Why is calisthenics becoming popular again? Simple, people have realized that weight lifting has limitations. They are willing to engage in calisthenics because it combines a variety of exercises that does not only help you achieve muscle strength, but also flexibility. Besides, calisthenics doesn’t require you to invest in highly-priced equipment.

So, what is calisthenics all about?

Calisthenics is simply a variety of body weight exercises aimed at achieving strength without the use of weights. Unlike weight lifting, you don’t need to invest in a fitness equipment. All you need is your weight for resistance, some cheap items such as a pull-up bar, a resistant bar or anything you find convenient. Also, you can perform them anywhere provided you have some space around you. For that reason, you don’t have to get out of your house or sign up for a gym membership.

Calisthenics workouts to expect

  • Push-ups – A variety of push-ups exercises that aims at strengthening your chest as well as triceps muscles.
  • Squats – A variety of squats exercises that focus on strengthening your lower body.
  • Core workouts – Several abdominal workouts that aim at strengthening your core.
  • Dips – These are exercises that are meant to strengthen your entire upper body.

Calisthenics workout benefits

1) Convenient and cost-friendly

As mentioned above, you only need your body weight and some few optional items like a jumping rope and more. Unlike weight lifting, it doesn’t require you to spend large sums of money to buy heavy and expensive equipment such as treadmills, power racks and more. Since you don’t need large space, you can always perform them anywhere and anytime, whether you are from work in the evening hours or even the time when public gyms are closed.

2) Focuses on the entire body

Many of the calisthenics workouts incorporate a variety of muscle groups in one session. For example, you can always vary your push-up exercises to strengthen your chest or triceps. If performed correctly, it will engage a variety of muscle groups including your quads, abs, core as well as gluteus. Most probably, you won’t be able to achieve that with weight training because lifting weight will focus mainly on the larger muscles.

3) Increase endurance

If performed correctly and for longer hours, many calisthenics workouts will help level up your endurance. Most of these workouts focus on muscle endurance which is a requirement in many sports. With weight training, you will have to maintain one position when exercising to avoid injuries. For that reason, you will come out of the gym exhausted by just building a muscle.

4) Improves flexibility

If you have gained big muscles, but not flexible enough to perform even the simplest gymnastic movements, you are not different from a person who has never exercised. Weight training alone will build muscles. On the other hand, engaging in calisthenics alone will build muscle, increase strength and improve your flexibility. Most of these workouts incorporate a variety of extensions that will help build muscle and flexibility at the same time.

5) Burns fat faster and effectively

If you want to lose fat without bulking up, then calisthenics is your best bet. Most of the workouts incorporate strength training that focuses on building muscle and burning fat to give you a desirable physique. While weight lifting will help you achieve this, they cannot be performed intensively. Calisthenics, on the other hand, requires only your weight, meaning that you can perform many repetitions as you want without risking an injury.

Apparently, today’s trainers are more concerned about your safety when exercising. Since many complain that they can’t find time to go to a public gym or exercise outdoors, experts recommend calisthenics bar brothers beginner workout because they can be performed anywhere and anytime. Lastly, many athletes today just want to gain strength without bulking up, something that can’t be easily achieved with weights. While calisthenics, won’t replace weight lifting completely, it is likely that it will remain on the top list of fitness trends for many years to come.

How to Develop a Successful Training Program

The world economy today is at its lowest point in years. As more companies look for ways to cut costs, training budgets are shrinking. Unfortunately, this is proving to be detrimental to many organizations.

Training is a crucial part of growth and development of employees and organizations as a whole. However, for any training program to be justified, it has to ensure a return on investment. Herein are some effective tips for a successful training program.

  1. Decide if a training program is necessary

This is the first and most important step before developing any training program. Organizations must conduct a performance analysis to determine whether training is the best way forward. Sometimes training is not the only way to prepare employees for new responsibilities.

Many factors have to be in place to improve performance. These include clear job expectations, clear performance feedback, adequate environment and tools, motivation and performance incentive as well as organizational and administrative support. A detailed performance analysis will aid in identifying any challenges about these factors. A training program is necessary when lack of knowledge and appropriate skills causes a performance deficit.

  1. Decide the Type of Training Needed

Organizations should implement training programs before problems arise. They have to identify what is necessary for employees to complete their tasks in a productive manner. New hires will need basic training while seasoned workers will only require refresher training. Determining what kind of training is necessary is vital to preventing unnecessary practice.

The best way to do this as a manager is to consult your employees. Workers often know what is needed to do their jobs better. They are three main types of training as listed below.

  • On the job training by Peers/Group training by Management.
  • Live instructor lead training by an outside professional.
  • Electronic instruction video based/computer assisted.

Each type of training has its advantages and disadvantages. A good training program must address each organization’s knowledge and skill needs.

  1. Goal Setting

According to Edwin A. Locke’s principals of cognitive theory, setting goals is crucial for learning. All training goals should be set based on the deficiencies in knowledge and skills. An effective training program should incorporate both short-term and long-term goals that are clearly stated.

For instance, a clinic looking to prevent infection can set training program goals as follows. The long-term goal can be to reduce incidences of clinic-based infections by a set percentage. The short-term goal, in this case, is to ensure all workers can perform infection prevention practices according to the established standards. Evidently, clearly defined goals will pinpoint what employees have to do or stop doing.

The learning objectives must reflect on the knowledge and necessary skills for each job task. They will define the performance that employees should demonstrate as a result of the training program. It is good practice to have these goals written and well understood before the training program begins.

  1. Conduct the Training

Most organizations employ the services of outside professional for employee training. The choice of trainers is critical to the success of any training program. Employee training should be undertaken by professionals with the knowledge and expertise in the given subject areas. Old School New Body pdf is a great example when it comes to training and exercises.

Their experiences and skills should match the deficiencies that affect the respective job groups. The trainers should have a grounding in adult education techniques. The chosen training methods should allow for employee participation in the training process to the extent possible.

  1. Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Program

This final step is necessary to gauge the performance of any training program. Evaluation after the completion of training helps to determine the amount of learning achieved. Checking the pre-set objectives against employee evaluation worksheets will discern if training productivity. The employees should be able to use the skills they learned.

Managers can assign supervisors to observe the employees and ascertain if they are doing their jobs right using the new skills. Note that if the workers failed to understand the information they acquired during training, they will not use it. Through evaluation, managers can be able to modify and improve a training program.

It is paramount to document all training procedures, tests, and evaluations. It may be a paperwork nightmare but will come in handy in case of legal challenges and audits. Alternatively, untraditional training like yoga can do your employees a great favor. Read our beginner’s guide to yoga here.