Do you always feel stressed after a long day of work? If yes, it is time you started investing your time in yoga. The great thing about yoga workouts is that they can be performed by anyone regardless of age or gender. Unlike many outdoor workouts, they can be performed anywhere, doesn’t require equipment and the best part, they don’t incorporate energy-draining physical activities.

How practicing yoga will benefit you

Stress relief

After long hours of work, all you need is to sit down and relax. Practicing yoga will help calm your mind and improve your breathing which are vital for healthy living. According to some study conducted in the year 2013, yoga can help relieve mild clinical depression eliminating the need of taking an antidepressant.

Better sleep

I’m sure you understand the benefits of better sleep, but sometimes with a lot of things to do, you are forced to sleep less than 4 hours. What happens is, stress and other daily activities might interfere with how you sleep. According to ancient Indian practice, yoga can help you sleep better and for hours. Another study that was posted in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health also stated that engaging in a 20-minute Hatha Yoga work best for brain function than many other light exercises such as jogging and more.

Prevent injuries

When exercising, it is easy to get injured, especially when you are not flexible. Apart from calming your mind, most yoga exercises are intended to improve your flexibility as well as the stretching of your muscles. Besides, a muscle that is stretched properly will heal faster after working out.

Improved sexual performance

Sex has become a major topic in relationships today. In fact, many breakups around the globe occur as a result of women or men cheating. What happens is that, if you can’t perform well on the bed, it is likely that your wife or husband will look for a partner who can do it. A post in Journal of Sexual Medicine stated that yoga could help both men and women perform well on the bed.

As you can see, yoga offers more than many benefits you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Just like other exercises, it requires you to be disciplined. Even though flexibility will play a major role in your success, there are always a variety of poses you can perform and still realize the same benefits as pro yoga fanatics.

If you’ve never done yoga before, but want to, here are some of the simple exercises you can start with.

1. Mountain Pose

Mountain pose helps improve your breathing and is one of the vital exercises for those looking forward to making their yoga experience fun. Stand tall with your feet close together. At this position, close your eyes and rest both your arms at your sides. Hold this pose for some time while breathing in and out slowly.

2. 3-part breathe

This pose is intended to help calm your mind and help you forget your past and realize your present moment. Find a quiet space. You can sit on a chair or even lie on the bed, depending on your preference. Take one hand and place it on your belly and another on your rib cage. With your eyes closed breathe deeply. Try focusing on your awareness. Follow this by bringing your bottom hand to your chest and let your chest rise slightly, breathe out and let go. Repeat this procedure for approximately 8 minutes.

3. Chair pose

To perform a variety of yoga poses and other workouts, you are required to have strong legs. Chair pose means that both of your sides will move in and out of the symmetrical pose at the same time. This exercise will help strengthen your legs. To perform chair pose, stand straight and bring your feet close together. If you feel stiff, you can create some space in between your feet. Secondly, bend your knees and raise your hand along your ears. You can alternate chair pose with mountain pose to make it much easier.

4. Spinal twist

Maintaining a wrong posture can increase the tension in your spine resulting in back and neck pain. Spinal twist helps release the tension in your spine, improves your nervous system and calms your mind. To perform spinal twist, lie on your back facing up. At this position, extend both your arms to your sides and keep your shoulders flat on the floor. Breath in slowly and then when breathing out, bring your knees to the left side and your head to the right. Remember, your shoulders should remain flat on the floor. Hold that position for some second while breathing slowly and then bring your right knee to your chest. Hold for some seconds and then release.

5. Bridge pose

To perform a variety of yoga poses with much ease, the muscles in your hips, chest, and abdomen should be strong and well stretched. Bridge pose can help you achieve that with much ease. Just lie on your back and facing up on a mat. Bend both your knees and ensure that your feet are flat on the mat. Also, ensure that your arms are positioned along your body. Lift your hips off the mat using your arm muscles. At this position, open your chest and take a few breaths. Hold this position for some seconds and then release and repeat.

Apart from calming your mind, improving your sexual performance and preventing injuries, these yoga workouts will help prepare your body for other complex workouts. So, ensure you perform them regularly. If you are ready to get on board with yoga, try Yoga Burn. You will not regret it.