Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Moving with pets can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With the proper knowledge and preparation, your moving day can go just as smoothly as if you were moving without an animal in tow. Here are ten things to know when moving with pets to help make your move as worry-free as possible. 

1. Make Sure You Have the Right Pet Carrier

Whether taking your pet with you in a car or on an airplane, you need a carrier. There are lots of options out there—the right one will depend on where and how you’re moving. If flying, for example, you should not use a soft-sided kennel—they aren’t allowed as checked baggage. If driving long distances, look for carriers that you can quickly secure in emergencies. 

Also, if you’re not sure which option is best, check with your moving company; they may have recommendations based on their experience, and you hire from them. Just make sure it meets all safety regulations before making a decision.  

2. Bring Your Pet’s Favorite Toys and Treats

We all love our pets, but we have to admit they can be a bit of a nuisance when we’re in a hurry. That’s why it’s crucial to bring your pet’s favorite toys and treats with you. It may seem strange, but giving your pet their favorite plaything during moving day will help ease some of their anxiety. And who doesn’t like a little extra attention? Make sure to pack any medications; you don’t want your pet suffering from an upset stomach on top of everything else! 

3. Schedule Vet Appointments Ahead of Time

Set up all vet appointments on time if you’re moving with pets. If your animals are used to a particular place, it might be hard to adjust. Keep things as normal as possible by continuing their regular schedule and avoiding change during a stressful time. You don’t want to add additional stressors to an already stressful situation. 

A vet can also advise on the best way to move with pets in tow. For example, if you have a dog terrified of car rides, avoid taking them out in public until after your move. Your pet will feel more comfortable at home where they are familiar with his surroundings. 

4. Think About Poop Sessions

Whether you’re moving with your cat or dog, knowing how they will handle a new area and bathroom situation is essential. Carrying waste bags for your pet’s poop will help ensure that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises during your move. It’s also important to know where you’ll be able to dispose of waste in advance. 

Some apartment complexes will only allow trash disposal in certain areas, so make sure you know these rules before moving day arrives, Check out these apartments for rent in thornton co. While moving day can be stressful for all involved, remember that your pets are probably just as stressed out by changes in their environment. It may take them some time to adjust, but once they do, they’ll be back to normal or whatever passes for ordinary when you have a pet. 


Pets are a huge part of many people’s lives, and moving with them can be challenging. However, you have to ensure they are comfortable and safe throughout your move. A vet will be able to help you out with everything from shots to microchipping. By taking these steps before and during your move, you’ll make sure that you and your pets are happy in their new home! A moving company can help you acquire all suitable materials for your pet’s transport. As long as you plan, there should be no problems along the way. Good luck with your move!