Fri. May 24th, 2024

Several diseases threaten the lives of those who are living in the United States. Some and most of these diseases are lifestyle diseases, and there are also chronic diseases. That can be stated with conviction because, according to a current CDC survey, 6 in every 10 US citizens are experiencing at least one chronic disease. Therefore, this article will be beneficial to those living in the United States of America. It, however, doesn’t mean that you who live in Africa or South Africa shouldn’t take a look at this. Distribute with your family and friends and those who live in the United States. Several types of research have been carried out on the common and Prevalent Diseases affecting those in the USA. Others have also researched the leading cause of deaths in the place. The following are a few amid the list of prevalent diseases in USA. 

Alzheimer’s Disease 

Alzheimer’s disease is a syndrome that affects the memory and cognitive function of a patient. Short-term memory will steadily diminish, making it challenging to begin an independent life. It’s unfamiliar exactly what induces Alzheimer’s disease, but the analysis is continuous as the number of patients extends to grow. 

The problem of Alzheimer’s disease is unclear, but researchers and experts consider a blend of a person’s genes, lifestyle, and environment influences the brain across time. Some of these modifications occur years, even decades before the first signs look. 


When we discuss diabetes, identify we are observing diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2. 

Type 2 diabetes is more prevalent in those residing in the USA. Type 2 diabetes essentially hits people who are over the age of 45 and those who are overweight. It is induced when the body becomes resistant to insulin. When the insulin generated is not sufficient, or the body becomes resistant to insulin, it becomes difficult to regulate the sugar levels. Can limit it by sustaining a healthy lifestyle and having regular blood sugar checks. 

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Respiratory diseases 

They include asthma, pulmonary hypertension, and emphysema. They prevent the respiratory system from working correctly, that is, the lungs. They also induce harm to the lung muscles. These respiratory diseases primarily affect people who are old and even those who engage themselves in smoking. Can prevent them by quitting smoking and staying away from people who smoke to avoid inhaling the smoke. 

Kidney disease 

Nephritis, Nephrotic syndrome, and Nephrosis are the conditions that cause kidney disease. It hits people who smoke, those with a family record of kidney disorder, the obese, and those with chronic ailments. You can limit kidney disorder by halting smoking, dropping weight, exercising, and letting for routine urine checkups. 

Chronic kidney disease causes kidney damage. Damaged kidneys cannot purify the blood as well as good kidneys. As an outcome of this, excess from the blood persists in the body and may point to other health difficulties. 

Erectile Dysfunction 

ED hits about 30 million men in the USA. Erectile dysfunction is not as common for younger men to experience; it affects about a quarter (26%) of men under 40. Some researches have revealed the predominance of the Erectile to be only 8% for men aged 20 to 29. 

The overall prevalence of erectile dysfunction among men in the United States was 18%. Here are Fildena 120 and Cenforce 50 Pills to Handle Erectile Dysfunction Difficulties in Men. 


Cancer has been one of the typical Prevalent Diseases hitting those living in the USA, but it has also brought away many breaths. It is caused when there is uncontrolled cell growth. Each type of cancer has its risk factors. It mainly affects people who are obese, having a family history of cancer and use drugs and alcohol. Race and sensuality also perform a task in a person’s chance of acquiring cancer, depending on the kind. That said, lung cancer generates more deaths than any other tumor in both men and women. 

However, researchers are regularly catching steps to forward cancer treatment. The death rate from all cancers in the USA has dropped by 26% since 1991. Can prevent cancer by discontinuing smoking, stopping alcohol consumption, and keeping a healthy diet. 

Heart disease 

Heart disease is a common chronic disease in our country and one of the leading causes of death for all adults in the USA. The velocity at which people are experiencing heart disease is distressing. Most people succumb to the disease. It can be caused by excess consumption of Sodium which leads to blood pressure hence heart disease. It is also prompted by our diet and is mostly among people who smoke, men, those who are over the age of 55, and the obese. It can, yet, be checked by consuming healthy, stopping smoking, and keeping a healthy weight.