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When you have sex, the biggest concern you have is to prevent pregnancy if you are not planning for the child at the moment in your life. Therefore to prevent it, you need to follow the right contraception method.

There are various methods for contraception such as IUDs, condoms, spermicides, birth control pills, rhythm method, tubal ligation, and vasectomy.

You can select the appropriate birth control method for yourself with the help of your healthcare provider. It is always a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any contraception method as not all the methods are suitable for all. Therefore your healthcare provider can help devise the appropriate method according to your health conditions and medications you take. However, you should choose the method with which you feel comfortable and compliant. If you are struggling with your sexual life, you can visit the Best Sexologist in Islamabad.

What are The Different Birth Control Methods?

The different birth control methods can be described as:

Hormonal Birth Control

Hormonal birth control can be done in various forms, such as:

· Pills

· Patches

· Insertable vaginal rings

· Shots

· Implants

For all these methods, you need to have a prescription. Hormonal therapy works by stopping the release of hormones so that your ovaries do not release an egg and fertilization can not occur.

The success of hormonal therapy depends upon how well you use it. Most women fail to use them perfectly and end up being pregnant. Therefore you should be cautious about it. Take the pills as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Generally, hormonal therapy is effective up to 90%. And when used properly it can be effective up to 99%. Whenever using any birth control method, ask your doctor when and for how long it will be effective.

Barrier Birth Control

As the name indicates, the barrier birth control creates a barrier between the egg and the sperm so that they do not fertilize. It can be done through male and female condoms. To buy them, you do not need a prescription.

The male condom is effective against sexually transmitted diseases, and when used properly, can prevent a pregnancy up to 98%.

The female condom is a thin plastic tube that you can partially insert into your vagina, resulting in a barrier. If used properly, it can provide up to 80% protection from getting pregnant.

Intrauterine Device

Intrauterine devices are small plastic devices that are inserted into your uterus. But you can not insert it on your own. For its insertion, you need external help. The procedure is quick but maybe a bit uncomfortable. However, once you have got the device inserted, you will be alright. You will be awake when your healthcare provider inserts it. The intrauterine device once inserted provides contraception for a long time.

Vaginal Contraception

Vaginal contraception is intended to be inserted into the vagina before having sex each time. It makes the environment of the vagina unfavorable for the sperm to reach the egg and get fertilized. Vaginal contraception can be done in different forms, such as a tablet, foam, suppository, dissolvable film, and jelly.

Spermicides are the chemicals that kill the sperm so that no fertilization can occur. However, they can alter the pH and normal flora of your vagina. You can get it over the counter. But it is better to consult with your healthcare provider before using it as a contraception method for the long term.

Permanent Birth Control

For having permanent birth control, you can get procedures done, such as:

Women can get their fallopian tubes ligated so that the egg does not reach the uterus. It is done under general anesthesia.

Men can get a vasectomy done. After it, their semen does not contain sperms, so that fertilization can not occur.

The Bottom Line

Every person can choose a birth control method appropriate for them. If you have any problem with your sex life, you can consult with the Best Sexologist in Lahore.