Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Canvas photo prints are not only an alluring way to exhibit your treasured photos but also an aesthetic method to enhance those dull-looking walls of your rooms. These striking prints come in both matte and glossy finish, providing a different texture that builds on color depth.  

The bold and vibrant touch of colors is enough to make them the centerpiece of your living area! They are permanent and glare-free and even less heavy on the pockets. Thanks to their versatility, canvas prints never look out of place and are a great way to showcase your photography skills. 

You can hang them in your garage or put them up in your workplace or make them the focal point of your living room; they look incredibly significant in any setting! This article aims to be your ultimate guide at crafting your own canvas prints, let’s get started!  

Why Customized Canvas Prints? 

Customized canvas prints are an excellent, pocket-friendly gift idea that is suited for almost every individual! If you’re keen on exploring your creative side, then recreate this professional-looking artwork as a stunning addition to your home’s wall decor. You get various types of them-from large canvas format print to small canvas format, the most commonly used single canvas print and canvas display that include canvas print wall displays.  

DIY Canvas ideas to Create your Own Masterpiece 

Before you begin with your truly artistic skills, we have compiled some comprehensive guidelines to make your own authentic DIY canvas masterpiece to customize your walls with your best-loved photos!  

You can browse through different DIY canvas painting ideas to hand-pick the ones that will go with the styles of your rooms. Select a quote that goes with your personality and end up creating beautiful canvases that inspire you with the message.  

How to make your own canvas print 

You must ensure the following steps before you start with your customized memory mazes for your homes! 

  • Things you need 

Firstly, gather a few materials for your canvas print which are readily available at any craft or hobby store or at any departmental store. Select a picture of your own choice, and ensure it has much resolution so that it will not pixelate when stretched at that size. A blank canvas panel on which you would like to mount the print.  

Next, you will need Mod Podge or any other heavy glue, along with foam brushes or rollers, a staple gun, and a pair of scissors. If you want to paint the sides of your canvas, you will need some acrylic paints and some scrap of canvas fabric if you want to add a hint of texture to your print. 

  • Steps to make your own canvas print 

1. Select a picture 

You can start with painting the edges of your canvas panel with a shade of black or brown or any dark-colored paint of your choice to give it a classic look. They will cover only the front surface of your canvas panel, so you can even leave them unpainted if you wish to or even use some quick-drying acrylic paint. For that extra shine, you can coat it with a layer of Mod Podge. Let it dry!  

2. Paste the picture on the canvas panel 

Carefully place your selected photo on the canvas panel while the glue is still wet, and make sure that the print exactly lines up with the edges of the canvas panel. You can cut out the extra part if your print is larger than the canvas panel or eventually fold the edges over the sides of the panel and stick them. You can even staple them if you want. 

3. Add a layer of Mod Podge 

Again, using a Mod Podge, you need to coat the entire print with long, swift strokes. Do not forget to cover the surface evenly. 

4. Add texture 

If you want to add a little texture to your canvas, then take a piece of scrap canvas fabric while the glue medium is still not dry, and gently press it over the canvas and quickly pull it off. You can even substitute the fabric cloth with a foam roller or any other cloth if you can’t find one. This step will give your canvas a textured effect. This step is optional and can be omitted if not required.  

You can also reuse the canvas from old paintings if you want to save up on some funds.

5. Ready to be hanged 

Finally, when the glue is dry, a brand new artwork is fully ready to be hanged on the walls. They come in with pre-installed hooks making them easier to hand. 

Types of Customized Canvas Prints 

Interestingly, there are multiple ways in which you can print photo on canvasYou can either consider going for the DIY method mentioned above or try to get such pieces, readymade from onLine stores.  

Whatever the situation be, there are some types of customized canvas prints that we think you should have an idea of: 

  1. Collage canvas prints: These prints are basically printed pictures that are developed from your desired selection of photographs. Their customization flexibility gives you a wide variety of options as well.  
  2. Single or Multi-panel canvas: These types of canvases are typically pre-made prints from different stock photographs.  
  3. Hexagonal canvas prints: As the name suggests, these canvas prints have a unique hexagonal shape, giving them a major spot over other canvas prints.  
  4. Square canvas prints: These canvases come in the 4×4 format, giving you a square-shaped canvas.  

While these were some of the basics, the list is endless! When it comes to custom canvas prints, you can even opt for splash art or pixelated patterned paintings for your living room or office. Want to add some extra flair? Yes, that’s possible too. You can fix some twinkling lights on your artwork. 

Pull up your creativity to accent home decor! 

Canvas Prints not only make for perfect presents for any occasion, but they are also the best ways to embellish those monotonous walls with long-lasting memories! So wait no longer, and fabricate your unique piece of art that your walls have been missing with these simple steps!