Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Dry eye isn’t a laughing thing if you suffer from it. Some of the more severe dry eye side effects include blurry vision, ocular pain, and headaches. If you suffer from mild to severe dry eye, you’re in luck because several dry eye treatment options are available. There are natural eye drops available in the market, but you can always go for doctor prescriptions that treat your vision, corneal and retinal condition and then give you medicines to treat dry eyes. 

Concerning Dry Eyes 

Normally, tears lubricate and moisten your eyes. The condition is known as “dry eye” occurs when your eyes are incapable of producing enough tears, or the tears they do have are of low quality. 

Mild pain to more severe vision problems is all symptoms of dry eyes. It’s important to know that dry eye illness can cause various symptoms. 

  • Swollen, bloodshot eyes 
  • Red, watery eyes 
  • Feeling like there’s a foreign object in your eyes 
  • Visual acuity and eye tiredness are common side effects. 
  • Headaches 
  • Light sensitivity and glare aversion 
  • Tearing that is excessive 
  • Inability to wear contact lenses due to decreased vision 

Consult your ophthalmologist if you notice any of these signs. To accurately diagnose a problem, a thorough examination is necessary. 

Diagnosis of Dry Eyes Syndrome 

A diagnosis may be made by your optometrist using your symptoms. There are a variety of testing methods available, including the following: 

  • Testing of dyes 
  • Time for a Tears of Joy 
  • Osmolarity of the Tear Film 
  • This enzyme is found on the surface of the eye’s iris (MMP-9) 
  • Imaging of the Meibomian glands 

Once a diagnosis has been made, your doctor can assist you in making an informed decision about your course of dry eye treatment. 

Treatments for mild to severe dry eye 

There are three levels of severity for your symptoms: mild, moderate, and severe. 

  • Lip Flow 

For those in need of Lip Flow therapy, Piedmont Eyecare Associates can help. 

If it’s blocked or not working correctly, the oil gland in your eye may benefit from Lip Flow. The heat-targeted pulsing heat is used to massage oil glands and boost oil production. For Evaporative Dry Eye, Lip Flow is often used to treat Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, a common cause of dry eye. 

  • True Tear 

One of the FDA-approved devices is True Tear. Temporary relief may be obtained if the problem is a lack of tear production, promoting tears—an eye doctor or ophthalmologist prescribed and trained the user to utilize the equipment in their own home. When your eyes don’t produce enough tears, a product like True Tear may be able to help. 

Ask our doctors about various dry eye treatment that may be offered. 

Home Remedies for Excessively Dry Eyes 

  • Treatment alternatives that can be done at home can help certain patients. There are occasions when patients only require home dry eye treatment, and others are used in conjunction with medical care. 
  • Eye drops, whether prescribed or over the counter, can sometimes alleviate minor cases of dry eye, especially if the cause is temporary. 
  • Patients with clogged Meibomian glands may benefit from applying warm compresses to the affected area. They’re used twice every day for 10 minutes each time. The best way to ensure that these severe dry eye treatment alternatives do not conflict with your other treatments is to get help from your physician. 


The first step to effective dry eye treatment to see an optometrist or eye care specialist, regardless of the cause. Preventative care begins with an eye exam that covers all the bases. There is always a need for a comprehensive eye examination before you start any dose of medicine. Tear osmolarity test is also very common that allows you to get the best dry eye treatment and the eyes will remain properly hydrated.