Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Staircases are essentials to homes and are an important element to more than one storey. You can efficiently and easily move up and down to different floor levels. While some would only prefer the basics and focus on its functionality, many staircase designs for homes combine functionality with aesthetics. In some homes, the staircases are designed to enhance, dominating entrances and foyers. Below are some great modern staircase designs and ideas that are impressive in style and ingenuity.

Glass and Wood

This glass and wood staircase is sleek and modern, elegant and minimalist. The solid glass panel railings are tinted, and the staircase system features floating treads attached to the wall for a more elegant look.

Elegant White

It gives out an appearance of marble, silver, crystal and a curving staircase marked with elegance, luxury and timeless design. The white-themed interiors feature a crystal chandelier, marble flooring, a staircase with marble steps, and a stylish silver railing.

The Modern Spiral

Spiral staircases save space and are widely used as a decorative feature. This modern spiral staircase features a black column, wooden treads and a trendy stainless-steel railing. Furthermore, the steps and rails are built around a centre column.

Riser Lights

This white and sophisticated staircase is installed strategically on the risers, efficiently illuminating the treads. The staircase features a solid glass panel railing, wooden treads and classy wainscot panels on the wall.

Black Steel Spindles

This type of staircase appears modernist and sleek, minimalist and even more gorgeous. The clean lines and effectiveness of the vertical spindles complement the minimalist look and style. The cool black metal is compatible with the modern and warm feel of the wooden treads, risers and accent wainscoting.

Marbled Luxury

Marble and luxury never go out of style and even at the height of minimalism in modern staircase ideas and designs. This articulated marble staircase features delicate grey marble for tread and riser, brown-tinted glass balustrades and lighted risers.

Silver Railings

It is essential to the understated luxury of wood and silver. This curving staircase features dark wooden treads, risers and stringer board, polished wood handrails and a sleek silver balustrade.

Rustic Modern

This type of staircase gives a very rustic look in a trendy setting. The cool, warm tones of bare wood are on display, complemented by the transparent and uncluttered lines of the modern minimalist design. Furthermore, the thin steel balustrades extend to the ceiling and serve as staircase screens