Fri. May 24th, 2024

A beautiful house is the dream of every individual. Once a house is built, the next thing that comes to mind is interior design. When a house is beautifully accessorized it is appreciated by everyone who visits. Getting good reviews from people makes one feel proud and happy for making the right choice while building and assembling things. How the interior should be made is a big deal for every house owner. There are many aspects of the house which should be taken into consideration while decorating it. The main areas of the house include the kitchen, bedroom, sitting area, pooja room, and living area. If proper attention is given to these specific areas then the house looks lovely and attractive. Here are some of the end to end interior designs in Bangalore which are popular these days: 

  • Modular kitchen area: 

Kitchens these days are modular in design. All the measurements of the kitchen area are taken and the setup is directly installed at the site. This takes minimum time for installment. It also requires less labor for the installation of the kitchen. The minimum time is invested for the completion of modular kitchens. This trend has become the choice of people these days because of its benefits. The cost may vary depending upon the total area, design, and budget of the house owner. One of the important benefits of a modular kitchen is that if any part of it is damaged only that specific part needs to be repaired. Unlike old Indian kitchen designs where a single log of wood is used to make a long segment, a modular kitchen is made as such that the repair becomes quite easy. The need to replace the whole segment is reduced to nil. These points have made modular kitchens very popular in modern times. It is the main reason why people have adapted to the modern way of living than the authentic old ones.  

  • Pooja room: 

This is the most important part of the house. Some people prefer a separate room for doing pooja. Some people like to make a pooja room attached with the main sitting area due to shortage of space. Aesthetics of the place are maintained in both cases. The auspiciousness of the place is taken care of while making a special room like this. This is the only sacred place in the whole house where everyone finds peace. Some people like to keep their pooja room big and serene. Nowadays special music systems are fitted into pooja rooms for playing calming and soothing music to make the whole vibe of the house peaceful. The indoor fountain system is more prevalent which helps in meditation. This whole setup in the pooja room increases the vibrations and keeps the atmosphere on the positive side. 

  • Sitting area: 

This is the place of the house where most of the time is spent. All the family members sit together and have quality time to chill with each other. Generally, this area is kept big than the rest of the rooms of the house. Some people prefer making it a sitting cum dining room or sitting cum guest room. It can go both ways depending upon the choice of the house owner. The design of the house may vary depending upon the choice and budget of the interior. For those preferring multitasking sitting areas, special designer partitions are installed in this area of the house for serving the purpose. This way a single area can be used as a sitting, dining, and guest area. This is a common house setting in most metro cities where there is a shortage of space and the cost of living is high. All the aspects of house owners are taken proper care of before assembling the whole house.  

  • Bedroom: 

This is the personal space a person owns in the whole house. Everyone wants to have a bedroom that provides peace and calmness to mind so that one can relax after a long hectic day. The bedroom can be assembled according to choice once the requirement is known. The proper effort is put in by the interior designers to make every corner look the way the owner wants it to be. Headboard feature walls have become a common trend these days. L.E.D. lights can be installed at the back to give a warm look to the room. This idea of decorating a bedroom is preferred mostly by people these days. The reason being that this adds the whole needed content to the room. No extra effort needs to be put into the rest of the room. The wall is the entire attraction of the room. If someone likes to keep the room simple then accessorize the room with designer ceiling fans. Spanish side lamps make the room more elegant and luxurious. There are many ways of decorating a bedroom. Just tell your needs and budget to the interior designers and the rest of the purpose is solved.  

  • Guest room: 

Being a house owner, it’s a dream of everyone to make the guest room glamorous and attractive. This is because a guest room leaves a lasting impression on the people entering one’s house. Chandeliers alone can make the whole guest room look beautiful and attractive. Keep extra towels and soaps in this room. Decide the whole theme of the room and stick to it throughout while assembling things for it. Always keep an almirah for storage purposes. Basic toiletries are a must in the guest room area. Apart from the necessities of the guest room what appeals the most is the setting of the room.  

The interiors of houses change with time. There never a single trend that follows everywhere and every time. Some people prefer contemporary designs. Some people like to give a vintage look to their house. You can always get the best interiors in Bangalore and make the house of your dreams. Home is the place where the person spends most of the time so the home should be properly designed to live peacefully and relax.