Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

For every shooter out there, personnel well-being and personnel safety should always be the top priority. Playing with guns is not an easy task to do, you may need to be super cautious as one mistake of yours can lead you towards serious consequences. 

With that being said, most of the modern weapons these days come in handy with some of the best internal mechanisms that prevent the gun from starting up an accidental firing and ensure that the shooter and people around him remain safe at all times. The very first one counts to be a lever that’s mounted at the back of the gun. If this lever is flipped downwards, then it prevents bullets to escape through the gun.  

No matter how professional a shooter you are, or how many years of experience you have with your gun, you never know when things may get out of your hands. And while we are talking about safety of the shooter from the gun, some of the best tip and tricks are being provided below that will ensure that the shooter remains safe from the gun at all times, and have the best possible shooting experience.  

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1. Always treat every firearm as though it is loaded. 

According to the professionals, what counts to be a pro tip while handling your weapon is that you should always treat your gun as it’s loaded and can fire at any moment. Sometimes, shooters often forget and tend to be confused as they can’t remember the fact that they left their gun on load or offload. And this happens to be the very first step that leads a shooter towards a serious mishap. 

And with that being said, whenever someone hands over his weapon to you, you should always take the weapon as it is loaded and should handle it with extreme precaution. In addition to this, it doesn’t matter who’s gun you have in your hands, you should always inspect the magazine of the gun whether it has bullets on it or not. 

If you find the gun to be lying ideal and has bullets in it, then care to make the gun bullet-free, and place the bullets somewhere that’s out of reach of underage people. 

2. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction 

The second gun safety tip we have here is that when the gun you have isn’t in your use, then it should always be left idle by being pointed at a safe direction. 

It really doesn’t matter whether the gun is loaded or not, by pointing a gun in a safe direction will make sure of the fact that if somehow someone accidentally presses the trigger of the gun, and a bullet rush outs from the gun, then by being pointed in a safe direction, no harm would be done to anyone, and the bullet won’t get hit accidentally to the people or pet. 

3. Know your surroundings 

What tends to be the common mistake of the shooters is that, in order to have fun with their guns, they forget about considering the surroundings they are using their gun in. While shooting a bullet, the mind of the shooter tends to focus on literally one thing, and that is his target. 

While aiming at the target, there tends to be a wide range in which the bullet travels, and while a shooter is focusing on the target, it becomes really hard to spot the potential safety hazard between you and your target to spot at the end moment. 

This is why it is preferred to know about your surroundings and do your shooting in a barren area, where no life is at risk. 


Handling guns isn’t a child’s play, and while handling one, a shooter must portray a responsible attitude. While shooting, anything bad can happen, however, you need to be fully prepared for everything that life may throw at you.  

While wrapping it all up, these are the simplest tips and tricks that every gun shooter needs to consider beforehand to avoid any type of inconvenience in the future.