Fri. May 24th, 2024

Kundli Milan is an important part of weddings in India. Even though the world has modernized, there are still some traditions that have managed to have a firm hold on our lives. Kundli matching is one such custom that is followed even when one gets married to their lover. Let’s see why this practice is so important in our country: 

The world has modernized, and the pace of life has fastened dramatically. Yet there are a few things that are still relevant in our country and its traditions. Matching kundlis before marriage is a very important tradition that has not changed over time. 

Marriages are considered extremely important in the Hindu community. It is a bond that lasts not just in this life, but it extends beyond one life. It is therefore important that people are sure before they tie the knot! Kundli matching, therefore, becomes a way to ensure that the bride and groom remain together for infinity and beyond! Let us understand how kundli matchmaking becomes so important even for those getting in a love arrangement: 

Why is Kundli Milan So Important? 

Earlier marriages in India were typically arranged. The families got together to decide the fate of the boy and girl, and the match was fixed. Even though not much has changed, love marriages are also fairly popular in our country today.  

Earlier Kundlis were matched to find out the compatibility between the individuals getting married because they did not know each other before the wedding. They did not spend time with each other before they were tied together in the holy bond of matrimony. Marriage is a union, and therefore it becomes extremely important to know whether the couple is compatible or not. This is where a Kundli can reveal whether there is a happy married life on the cards or if they will face challenges together. 

Where To Get Kundli Milan? 

As discussed above, kundli matching is very important for a blissful married life. But even more than that, it is important to get the matching done from a reputed and trusted place. This is done to ensure that the compatibility score can be accurately found. In case of low accuracy, there can be problems in marital life in the future. Getting the help of a certified and trusted astrologer, like the ones on Astroyogi, can help you get precise help. Therefore, even if you are marrying the love of your life, an experienced astrologer is the right choice for you! 

Why Kundli Milan For Love Marriage? 

Marriages across cultures are all about union. However, in the religion of Hinduism, marriage is the fusion of souls. The many rituals and customs performed during the wedding bring the two souls together. Through these mantras, a connection between souls is established. So, even if you are in a love relationship with your partner, it is these customs that help you spend eternity with the ‘right one.’ Kundli matching is one such custom that helps us all determine who is the best choice for us! 

In a relationship, couples know each other inside out and are able to understand how compatible they are. They are familiar with each other, each other’s preferences, likes and dislikes. However, by resorting to this ancient technique of matching horoscopes, the problems that can surface in the future can also be resolved timely, leading to a lifetime of happiness

What Is Kundli Matching? 

Janam kundlis of the prospective bride and groom are matched. The birth chart is like a map that shows the placement of stars and planets at the time of our birth. Astrologers make use of different techniques like the Ashthakoota method of matching kundlis. Based on this, a compatibility score is found, and the future of the couple is foreseen. 

To Sum It Up! 

We are moving forward in life, and so are the times we are living in. And even though looking back is not something that anyone would suggest, sometimes we all need a little advice. Using the ancient knowledge of astrology, we can improve our present and future! Kundli matching is one such gift of knowledge that can make your marriage happy and blissful!