Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Many people have no idea of how to behave or what to do when attending a quality connections conference. Do you want to get the most out of the conference you are going to attend? If your answer is yes, then this post is for you. 

Below, we have given some pro tips to attend a conference like an expert: 

Always Carry Business Cards 

If you think that not carrying your business cards will make you look cool. No, it is a very wrong assumption. You won’t believe it but not carrying a business card is in trend these days.  

Does that trend influence you? How can one contact you if they don’t have your number or something?  

If you are planning to attend a quality connections conference, make sure to carry lots of business cards with you. If you do not have any business cards, order some. But make sure when you are creating a business card, it should look attractive and informative.  

Prepare Your Introduction Well 

“The first impression is the last impression”. It’s not just a saying but a fact. Your introduction is your first impression. If you cannot introduce yourself well, then you cannot carry on a conversation for long. Because people will not develop an interest in your chit-chats. It’s just like a game of cricket.  

Suppose the opening batsman scores well, the winning chances of the team increase. So before visiting a conference, make sure you have prepared your introduction perfectly. P.S. When I attended the connections conference 2020 Las Vegas, this trick helped me to make many new business links.  

You Introduction Must Contain These Things: 

  • Your good name. 
  • What’s your job title or what you do. 
  • Where do you live? 
  • The reason why you are attending the conference. 

Here Is One Example: 

“Hi, my name is Raymond Hold. I am the co-founder of a company called “ABC”. It helps the entrepreneur to launch their brands and new products in the market. I am here to meet my investors.” 

However, you may find this example a little weird, but it always works. All you need to do is say it in conversation so that they don’t sound too cheesy. And then see how more and more people will start finding interest in your conversations. 

Don’t Create A Messy Networking Web 

A messy networking web is not worthy, so don’t try to create. There is no value in meeting 500 people during a conference. If you are going to attend the upcoming connections conference, try not wasting your time, to know hundreds of attendees. Instead, focus on meeting only essential people with whom you can create valuable relationships in the future. Your target must always be on: 

The Speakers 

Try to meet each speaker you listen to. Do not waste time chatting with them. Instead, talk point to point. Start by appreciating their speech or content they have presented. Then come to the point – what do you want from them? 

Conference Organizers 

Meeting conference organizers is a really useful thing that can benefit you a lot. No one gives a fuck about them, but that’s an advantage for you. Organizers can give you lots of useful information like the contact details of those high-profile attendees. And sometimes, if you are successful in making a good relationship, organizers can offer you free entry into their future conferences. Plus, they also know where those cool private after-parties are organized.


Don’t think of your competitors as your enemies. Instead, think of them as your future customer source. If you can create a friendly relationship with your competitors, they might refer some customers or clients to you.  

You might have a question in your mind: why haven’t we mentioned the regular attendees? You should also focus on knowing these people. But it will naturally happen as long as you are not standing on the sidelines.  

Concluding Things 

Due to the coronavirus, people prefer to organize meetings and conferences online. So if you are going to attend a conference in 2021, make sure you are prepared accordingly. Keep these points in mind and every second that you will spend at the conference will benefit you in the future.