Fri. May 24th, 2024

In the past, restaurants used to depend on legacy billing machines to manage the function of billing. However, with the launch of modern day Point of Sales (POS) systems, the billing machines have become outdated. Besides the tasks performed by a restaurant billing software, it helps you manage a wide range of functions that make it worth investing. 

Topmost reasons to invest in Inresto POS: 

Accepts multiple modes of payments – 

The outbreak of COVID-19 and the worry of contraction has led to an unprecedented rise in digital payments at restaurants. The highlight of Inresto POS is that it accepts multiple modes of payments such as cash, debit/credit card and digital wallets such as Google Pay and Paytm. 

Streamlines billing process – 

If you take a look at the traditional billing machine in the sense then there won’t be integrate orders from multiple platforms. You all well know that the Covid-19 pandemic has made people to avoid crowded places that are why most stopped visiting hotels and started to orderfood in the online platform. According to the survey conducted by Deloitte, due to the Covid-19 the food delivery has increased up to 14%. 

With the help ofIndia’s reputed digital POS systems such as inresto POSa lot more numbers of orders have been seamlessly done by means of third-party apps, websites and so on. Likewise there are several benefits you will get. 

Single platform for multiple functions – 

The platform helps track the billing and real-time payment statuses from a single dashboard. It relieves you from the hassles of recording cash and digital payments in two different systems. One more advantage is that it reconciles payments from multiple providers and there is absolutely no need to wait till the end of the month. 

No more long queues – 

Slowness was a major drawback of the legacy billing software. However, inresto aids in performing billing functions real time with absolutely no delays. 

Properly integrates inventory management – 

You know if you make use of inresto then you are all set to easily do real-time tracking of inventory anytime and anywhere via POS systems. At the same time, when the inventory reaches minimum range quantity it will give an alert. Thus, you will be able to manage the inventory by checking the outlets and locations plus fulfil based on the requirements. 

Along with that it is the best software for restaurateurs operating numerous branches in so many numbers of regions. Just take a look at the orders and then easily update the inventory things in an automatic way. For sure, you will get notification in a timely manner. By means of this you can avoid several thefts effortlessly. 

Eliminates manipulations – 

The platform cuts down the possibilities of malpractices and embezzlement of funds by employees. 

Get loyalty and marketing things easily – 

According to your customer preservationrequirements and then you are all set to define a custom loyalty program on the POS system. You are all set to give the loyalty points by means of the number of customer’s visits or else you can by the amount spend at the restaurant. You know the loyalty program will let you to track so then you can increase the customer repeat rates as well as Return on Investment (ROI). 

It will help a lot to increase your sales. Alongside you can easily expand your business as well. With the help of POS program you will easily come to know your targeted audiences and their spending as well. You will be able to do marketing campaigns by means of SMS< E-mail and even through notifications. It will automated and schedule accordingly. 

Cloud based storage – 

Unlike the legacy accounting software that used to store data in servers, inresto stores the data in cloud. Now your data is more secure and you don’t have to worry about security threats. 

Secured one – 

More than using the traditional billing system with the help of digital POS system such as inresto you all set to save data on cloud servers. Thus, your data will be secured and no way for hack and all. At the same time, it is quite safe when compared with the local servers. 

Available round the clock – 

This is what the main thing you want to know that is the digital POS like inresto is available round the clock so you all set to make use of it at any time. You can access it through any devices such as mobile phone, tablets, PC, Android or iOS. These are the main thing you are required to notice in the digital POS. 

Parting Words With the rise in competition, a restaurant POS system has become an imperative. The cutting edge technology and the innovative features make it stand out from the rest of the players.