Fri. May 24th, 2024

Wine can help us look younger! Did you know it can also contribute to keeping yourself looking vibrant and youthful?

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Scientists have recently discovered that red wine contains resveratrol, an antioxidant compound, which has the power to rejuvenate old cells by slowing the aging process similar to how tanning does for our skin.


Resveratrol is an antioxidant believed to reduce aging by protecting cells against damage from free radicals. Studies have also indicated its anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and cardioprotective properties.

Red wine, berries, peanuts and Japanese knotweed all naturally contain this compound that mimics caloric restriction’s effects. Studies have linked its consumption with improved metabolic function, protection from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, increased insulin sensitivity and extended animal lifespan.

Alcohol- and chemical-induced liver damage may be mitigated through activating autophagy pathways, suppressing hepatic stellate cell activity and modulating expression of hypoxia inducible factor 1a. Furthermore, N’-Nitrosodimethylamine-induced fibrosis was reversed through increasing proliferation of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells while attenuating inflammation by restricting formation of collagen deposition.

Studies have also demonstrated that resveratrol increases mitochondrial DNA copy number levels in oocytes and stimulates their differentiation into ovarian tissues, as well as decreasing serum glucose in diabetic mice through inhibiting insulin resistance and activating SIRT1. Resveratrol was found to also boost collagen production while stimulating new blood vessel growth.


Scientists began to recognize in the 1990s that free radical damage contributed to aging and diseases like atherosclerosis, cancer, vision loss, and other chronic conditions. Their discoveries led them to search for antioxidants such as lycopene and polyphenols as solutions that may slow or stop these issues from developing further.

Your body produces antioxidants on its own to counteract oxidative stress by stabilizing free radicals; however, food with plant-based sources is the ideal source for these powerful anti-oxidants.

Examples of antioxidants are resveratrol (found in red wine and dark chocolate), vitamins C, E and carotenoids; phytoestrogen isoflavones present in soybeans; and the phenolic compounds found in fruit vegetables whole grains nuts seeds herbs cocoa as well. Antioxidants may help you look younger while simultaneously improving immunity; just be careful taking them without consulting your physician first – taking supplements can cause harm as they’re available as pills as well as being consumed through food as this will be most natural method!


Zinc is an essential trace mineral necessary for healthy cell development and reproduction, playing an active role in metabolism, protein and DNA synthesis, cell signaling and division, immunity, taste/smell sensing/perception as well as wound healing. Zinc needs are especially crucial during periods of rapid physical growth such as infancy, adolescence and pregnancy as it promotes fast regenerating tissues like skin, nails and hair that need replenishing fast.

Food grade magnesium can be found naturally in some foods and added to others; additionally, dietary supplements contain it too. Yule recommends that before beginning to take supplements it would be wise to consult your physician beforehand; since supplements aren’t regulated like drugs are and could potentially interact with medications as well as making false claims without providing reliable evidence backing their claims up. Wine store Melbourne provides delivery services that are convenient and dependable. These are available seven days a week.