Fri. May 24th, 2024

Digital Marketers are often asked if SEO is still effective or not. Due to ever-changing Google Algorithms and other related development, SEO practices have changed drastically as well and the older ways of SEO have proven to be ineffective even for huge digital Marketing Agencies.

Digital Marketers have changed how they implement contemporary SEO strategies to tackle this issue. So, yes SEO has evolved over the years but if you think that SEO is not worth it anymore, it is definitely not the case. SEO is as effective as it has ever been. In fact, now more than ever.

Even to this date, websites get most of their traffic from organic means at around 50% as compared to paid and social. So, no one can write off saying that it is ineffective. All you need to do is to get back into the game, change your SEO strategies and be more proactive as search engines are constantly changing and you need to cope up with that.

Why is SEO so important?

This question can be answered in technical terms but the most effective way is to explain in terms of real-life effectiveness. Now, it is a fact that 81% of users search online about the product they are planning to buy. Moreover, whoever wants to know about anything in this world, the first thing they do is, search on Google. This is where SEO comes in. Only optimized pages will show up in the search results.

When people search on Google, it is mostly highly targeted. Whether they are searching for an answer to a specific question or they are looking for a product or service. Google’s results are highly sophisticated to show only the relevant results and you have to be able to let google know what your website or content is about effectively.

SEO is also a cost-effective option. Moreover, the results are long-term and once you get ranked organically, there is a high chance that you will stay there for quite a long time provided that your website is properly optimized and maintained.

SEO is especially beneficial for local businesses. The reason is that most of the mobile searches are about location, or are location-based. Now most of them are looking for businesses around and SEO can help businesses get discovered by potential customers.

SEO is ever-growing and now more than ever because of newer technologies such as Augmented Reality and Voice Search. These technologies give even more weight to SEO because these are very specific searches having a targeted intent.

People trust Google as a search engine and they believe in its authority. Users know that Google will give them relevant results only and that is why higher ranked pages on google searches get the most visitors. The top-ranking page gets around 21% of all the traffic. That is why it is important for you to keep your website’s SEO in check.

What has changed?

Back in the day, people used to get ranked on Google pretty easily. The reason was that Google as a search engine wasn’t very smart and sophisticated. Most of the people who knew stuff about digital marketing were easily able to manipulate it and get ranked well. However, with the passage of time, Google has evolved so much that now manipulating the search engine is a hefty task.

Google understands everything about your website and knows which pages to rank higher on relevant results. Google has gone through two types of major changes.

· Algorithm updates

· Search Result Pages Revamped

Google brings in around 500 to 600 updates every year. Not all of these are major updates, some of them are to increase stability, improve searcher’s experience and increase reliability. This doesn’t at all mean that you won’t be able to optimize your site. You will get even more opportunities because it builds searcher’s trust more.

In the good old days, Google’s search result pages looked quite simple with most results being organic. It was an occasional occurrence that a Google AdWords ad shows up above your page. However, things have changed drastically. Now there is much more happening on search result pages.

You see Google ads, featured snippets, image packs, knowledge panels, and much more. So, competition has increased tenfold. Now, you have to tackle this issue by being smart and proactive. Bring some advancement in your approach, use newer SEO techniques to be able to cope up with this increasing competition.

Lastly, SEO is not at all dead. However, some of the older SEO techniques surely are dead. Do not live in the past and start using newer and more sophisticated SEO techniques. You’ll reap the long-term results soon enough.If you are looking for the best SEO company in Dubai, Prism Digital is there to assist you in your digital journey. Check out our website or write to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.