Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Industrial ladders are one of the most common types of industrial equipment that you must have seen when visiting any industry. These are the industrial equipment that has one function only and that is to make you reach to heights where your arms cannot reach.

Ladders come in different types of shapes and sizes and also have different features built-in to them that make them fit for any use. You may find the different types of trolleys on

Let’s check out the common types of industrial ladders and what are the building material for the trolleys.

Industrial step ladders

Industrial step ladders are one of the most common types of ladders that you even in your homes. The only differentiating factor is that the industrial ones have more weight-bearing capacities.

You may find the different types of industrial ladders working in the industries. While buying the industrial step ladders ensure that you focus on some of the essential things like ladder weight loading capacity, ladder step size, and the material of build that we will discuss later on.

Platform ladders

Platform ladders are one of the most essential industrial equipment that has a large platform on the top. This allows the laborers working on the top to work for long stretchable hours.

The platform is right there on the top allowing one to have you larger legroom so that you can work comfortably focussing more on your work and less on having to keep your feet in the center of the table.

Extension ladders

Extendable ladders as the name suggests can be extended beyond a certain length. There is an extendable section on top of the ladder that you may use for reaching greater heights. The extendable ladders can help you reach different heights easily by changing then the length of the extendable section to reach the desired height.

Foldable ladders

Foldable ladders as the name suggests can be folded and help you to reduce your storage. Foldable ladders come of use in different industries. One of the problems is that they are not having very high weight loading capacities. Foldable ladders are mostly made of industrial-grade plastic and can be easily used for both indoor and outdoor purposes use. Check out the different types of industrial ladders on

Safety steps

Safety steps are one-step ladders that you can find industrial use. The safety steps can help you to be a comfortable step up on the top of the ladder without tripping or falling.