Fri. May 24th, 2024

DrChrono emr is the brainchild of Jon Benson. A former medical technician turned entrepreneur. At one time, he was already spending most of his time as the chief executive officer of a medical equipment company that specializes in heart monitors. After some time, he felt that he was no longer satisfied with the company’s offerings and decided to launch his own company in late 2007. With his background in electronic medical billing and computer systems, Jon thought he had the knowledge needed to start a company that would take care of his visions. After forming a few small companies during his career as a medical technician, he knew that he wanted to contribute something to the betterment of society. That is why he decided to launch his own medical device company.

Dr. Chrono Emr

Today, we know pretty well what Dr. Chrono Emr can offer healthcare providers and hospitals. However, what few of us know is where does he get his information from? Well, he got his inspiration when he started working on medical billing software. There he came across some billing issues that require a better system for data acquisition.

According to Jon Benson, DSc, Director of Medical Practice and Product Development at Drchrono: “I see our system as having two goals – helping physicians manage their time more effectively and improving patient care. What do we mean by this? We want to enable our providers to serve more people in less time while reducing the risks of errors due to human error or coding mistakes. By having an EHR, we are also looking at the long-term value of these things as they relate to the health of the patients.”

Feedback received from different people

Based on the feedback received from different people who have tried either the free trial or the paid version of DrChrono Emr, both sides have something to say about it. The verdict on the pros and cons of this excellent medical practice application is quite surprising. Even the company itself is not entirely convinced with the ruling saying in a release that the benefits provided by dr Chrono emr are yet to be established. This may come as a surprise since the company touts its robust platform and versatility and all that it offers to the healthcare provider community.

One significant advantage that the EHR offers is that it can facilitate better collaboration among health care providers. This is very important, especially for small medical practices which are often faced with problems in terms of time management. By having an EHR, all the practitioners in the office can easily access patient records from their computers at home. In addition, they can easily update existing charts and other pertinent documents without spending a lot of time on the phone or computer. This is a significant advantage, especially for those who tend to skip their appointments.

Costs and paperwork

Another benefit that can be derived from using DrChrono emr is that it can help reduce costs and paperwork. This can be attributed to the system’s ability to allow accurate patient information exchange, reducing long processing times. When the verdicts are out, the advantages and cons of electronic health records have to be weighed, and any benefits that stem from them need to be considered accordingly. Hence this should be done before making a final decision.

There are several disadvantages associated with this electronic medical records software solution also. These include high costs and complex implementations. In addition, the EHR software solution has to be customized to suit the requirements of each medical practice. This might entail training for the staff and changes to the way the practice files are processed. Finally, a significant disadvantage is that the course might lose some control over the clinical data and can no longer decide which documents have to be shared.


To conclude, DrChrono emr might be the perfect choice for a small practice. However, although it has many advantages, it has to be appropriately evaluated by the customer before it is implemented. One of the main issues is the level of customer support and the software solutions customer support will provide.