Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

The healthcare facilities in the US have changed over time. It has introduced MACRA Services for increasing the performance and efficiency of healthcare professionals. It is working on the motto of pay for performance. MACRA is an abbreviation of the “Medicare Access and Reauthorization Act.” President Obama signed this Act on April 16, 2015. This Act pinpoints and focuses on the features such as value, quality, and accountability of healthcare workers. It motivates them to give their best for saving the lives of people. It ensures that all the physicians and paramedics are getting payments according to their performance. Let’s discuss different expectations and realities of these services. 


Improvement of Payment Systems 

The main objective of MACRA was to improve the methods of payment. It struggled to ensure that all the healthcare providers are getting paid according to their performance. It has introduced a secure and safe system for payments. Medical billing companies work on behalf of doctors and keep close contact with the patients. They ask them about their payment method, such as whether they will pay cash or they have some insurer. In the case of the insurer, they contact the insurance company and confirm the claim. They make sure that none of the claims is unpaid. They try their best to increase the payments for a doctor. 

Encouraging Healthcare Professionals 

Another objective of MACRA Services was to encourage the healthcare providers. It introduced a system of providing incentives and bonuses to doctors for their achievements. It introduced an innovative system of payments that has increased the income of medical professionals. It has launched a system that ensures that all medical workers are getting paid according to their workload and performance. These features are encouraging for them. They are motivating them to give their best for saving the lives of people. They motivate them to behave gently with patients and help them recover soon. They encourage them by giving hope of getting a reward for their best practices. 

Improving Healthcare Facilities 

The Healthcare sector is important, and all the countries are trying to develop a modern healthcare system. They are trying to introduce extra efficient and modern systems that can ensure the quality of medical care. They make use of modern technology and launch motivational or accountability programs for making doctors work better. In this scenario, the introduction of MACRA is a revolutionary step for improving the quality of healthcare facilities. It improves healthcare facilities either by encouraging doctors through incentives or by setting them accountable for their practices. Hence, doctors work better either due to fear of accountability or due to the hope of getting a reward. 

Maintenance of EHR 

The main objective of the MACRA Act is to enhance the quality of medical care. It developed various programs for increasing the efficiency of healthcare services. Maintenance of EHR is one of the programs that they have developed for improving the facilities at hospitals. This system stores and keeps the details of all the patients. For example, it keeps their medication history, allergic medicines, radiology images, and other lab reports. These details help a doctor to understand the medical condition of the patient early. It saves time and helps to start medical treatment as early as possible. They expected this system to save time and reach the exact medical condition of the patient early. 


We have discussed the objectives and expectations of the MACRA Act. Now, let’s discuss different realities about this Act. 

Survey Reports 

According to survey reports, a substantial portion of medical professionals don’t know and understand the meaning of MIPS. They even don’t know what MACRA stands for. They also didn’t understand the previous legislation that MACRA has replaced. They don’t understand the purpose of these legislations. They only know that every year they get reimbursements, and they are unsure about the giant cuts. According to a survey, about half of the providers are knowledgeable about MACRA. It is shocking to know that 41% of medical professionals said that they have heard about MACRA, but they don’t know the details. According to another study, the finance executives of hospitals were also in the dark about this Act. 61 % of hospital leaders said that they know about this Act, but three-quarters of this group was unable to correctly identify MIPS. 

Physician Burnout 

Physician burnout is one of the most discussed problems of this Act. There are many issues with MACRA and its quality payment programs. Many healthcare workers are facing troubles and difficulties in getting their heads around the payments. According to research studies, AMA and other associated industries have to work for addressing both physician burnout and ensuring that anyone who wishes to become part of this program can do so.

Poor Understanding of The EHR System 

We have reviewed above that EHR has made it easy to access the medical conditions of the patient. Many providers do not understand this system. They are facing difficulties in using it and managing different functions. They do not know how to access this system. They are still leaning on their EHR system for pointing them in the correct direction for MIPS success. They have many difficulties so far. 

We have discussed different expectations and realities of MACRA services. We can conclude that there were big expectations from this Act, but they are still not fully achieved. Many healthcare workers exactly don’t know the meaning and purpose of MACRA Services. They don’t know how to use EHR systems. They are still learning this system. Many providers even don’t know enough details of this Act. 

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