Fri. May 24th, 2024

I have seen a lot of people ignore their feet, and they don’t give the same importance to the feet as they give to other body parts like hands, face, etc. But in my opinion, your feet need more care than the other. Healthy and beautiful feet also improve individual personality. So the question is how you can take care of and pamper your feet. The most affordable way to pamper them is a pedicure. Most people prefer a salon based pedicure for ideal results. But if you don’t have time to visit your nail salon, you can easily do a pedicure at home. Here are steps that you can follow to have an affordable DIY pedicure.   

Prepare feet for Pedicure 

First, you need to remove any old nail polish if you have. Now dip your feet in a hot water tub. Add little Epsom salt to help you relax better. Keep your feet in the water for at least maximum of 10 minutes. Now, remove any dead skin cells and use a small brush to soften your feet. 

Exfoliation Process 

Take some exfoliating lotion to soften other rough areas like your heels or the sides of your toes. Once you’ve massaged the lotion into your feet, use a good quality pumice stone to remove any remaining rough skin. Now take your feet out of the water and dry them with a towel. Massage some lotion on your feet now. 

Nail trimming and Shaping 

Now the next step is to take care of your nails. Use a trimmer and file to cut and shape your nails, then use a cuticle stick to push back your soft cuticles gently. Once you’ve got your cuticles in order, you can smooth your nail surface by applying a transparent or opaque primer. This will help hide any burrs or lumpy areas that may appear if you apply nail paint directly to the affected area. 

Nail Paint Application 

First, apply a base coat. When the base coat is dry, add a second layer in your favorite nail color. It’s a good idea to apply multiple coats to increase the durability of your finish. Clean the messy areas with a small cloth or cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to remove any stains that may have settled on the edges of your nail. An extra layer of clear sealer prevents chips and scratches from damaging your pedicure. 

Professional Tips 

Remember to take care of your feet daily – supportive and well-fitting shoes, wash and dry your feet thoroughly to avoid fungal and bacterial problems and draw more attention to the problems.  Here are some professional tips are given by Breanna an esthetician in a pedicure near me. You can follow these tips to take care of your feet regularly 

Wash Feet Twice 

Wash your feet daily with antibacterial soap. Yes, it’s time to buy the soap that you don’t need for your whole body. I like to use a rear washer to reach my feet. Create a nighttime ritual and apply callus smoothing creams or lotions. It will smooth your skin.   

Wear Leather Shoes 

Feet do not like plastic soles, and they cannot breathe and sweat profusely. Add a leather insole. Don’t wear the same shoes every day; get up and let them sprinkle with a deodorant powder for the feet. 

Get rid of feet smell. 

To control smelly feet, you need to control sweating. Sweat consists mainly of salt and water and therefore does not have a clean smell. The odor is caused by bacteria on our skin that absorb sweat and excrete odorous waste. Summer is when our feet sweat more and smell more. Apply an antiperspirant/deodorant on your feet, such as an underarm deodorant.

Massage your Heels 

Rub your heels once a week to get rid of those horrible calluses. Your leaves will appreciate this! 

Weekly Exfoliation 

Exfoliate your feet weekly with a good scrub or treat yourself with sea salt, half teaspoon cooking oil, and four drops of peppermint essential oil and massage with this your feet. 

Pedicure Once a Month 

Professionals recommend everyone should have a pedicure treatment at least once a month. For perfect results, you should go to a nail salon, or if you don’t have time or want to save some bucks, then a DIY pedicure is also beneficial for you