Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Is finding the best fishing spots in Europe is challenging?  

But… why…Or How it is? 

Because, In Europe, you will find lots of winding water up streams and shorelines are sparkling with salt. Can you imagine yourself fishing in such unpredictable environs? 

Don’t you think best fishing in Europe should be your next challenge while angling? Yes, it is, down here lies some discovery as you ponder over your next move. 

All you need is to get a good best saltwater fishing in Europe, and real experience. The best fishing spots in Europe below are going to give you the best experience in Europe like never before. 

What are the 8 top fishing spots in Europe? 

1. Canary islands

The Canary Islands found in Spain though small but very beautiful. Lots of best deep Sea Fishing destinations in Europe take place on this island. The island has more than 30 ports and marinas. The water here is quite calm and attractive. 

When you choose fishing in these beautiful blue waters, you won’t even notice the time. While here you, there’s a variety of trout species to look out for. 

These include the Bluefin Tuna, yellow fin, spearfish, blue marlin and big-eye tuna among others. 

2. River Tara

If you are looking for an amazing best fly fishing in Europe expedition, then the best fly fishing rivers in Europe, Tara River will be ideal. The beautiful looking undiscovered oasis is also known as the tear of Europe. 

Its waters are incredibly clear to give you the best of time while fishing. The river has a canyon which happens to be the second deepest in the entire world. 

The freshwater fishing in Europe at Tara River will give you a great catch in a variety of fish species. Some of this species include marble trout, huchen, sang brown trout, Grayling and lake trout. Tara River forms one of the world’s untouchable natures that you shouldn’t miss making a date with. 

3. Tuscany 

Tuscany is one of the amazing landscapes found in Italy. Tuscany landscapes will give you a wonderful fishing experience, when you look for best countries to go fishing. 

The landscapes have very attractive streams surrounded by plantations of tobacco and sunflowers. The area is popularly known for fly fishing trout, including the Grayling. 

The streams here are great sources of sea bass, Bluefin tuna, grouper, and barracuda. 

Apart from fly fishing in the landscape spear fishing practice is also allowed. In addition to opportunities for fishing the area is also famous for great wine, food and beautiful art. 

4. River Soca 

This beautiful river is found in Slovenia. When fishing in Soca River, you will also have a great time viewing the stunning mountains coupled with its clear waters. 

The river flows through Europe’s untouched and most beautiful valleys.  Fishing in these environs gives you a unique catch of the marble trout, which is the river’s most famous. 

The locals here call it the pride of Slovenia. Other species to look out for include Rainbow, Brook, Brown and Grayling. 

You can easily access the amazing river through Slovenia’s neighbors. These are Italy, Croatia, and Austria. 

5. Laxa River in Iceland 

Laxa River is a great fishing spot in Europe for fly fishing as you travel around Europe for a fishing excursion. The river is popularly known to host the salmon and the best trout. It is quite promising when fishing here in terms of the size of the catch. 

River Laxa comes second in Iceland’s spring-fed water reservoirs. River Laxa’s has cascading pools with other features such as the waterfall and gorges. 

6. The Azores found in Portugal

The Azores offers best fishing in Europe for you who love the deep sea angling. The amazing island has bitten the world record in terms of the different fish species. 

The island has twenty-two different species with six of them currently having the IGFA titles. 

The fish species found here include the speared fish, swordfish, tuna, amberjack, and famed marlin, Mako shark, Wahoo and even the whale. 

The whales can be seen in the islands nearby waters beautified by appealing scenery from the volcanoes. 

7. Orkney Islands 

The Orkney fishing spots found in Scotland, which is the Europe’s finest spot for fishing. The island will give you a variety of species of fish in large quantities. 

A great catch can be found in the waters flowing through cliffs and close by lochs. Here you will find the hake, sea trout, snag, salmon, cod, ling, turbot, brown trout, and bass. 

The scenery here is quite magical that even the ancient history agrees with this. The island has tall standing stones that are undefined and stretches sculptured by the wind. 

Fishing here is simply magical as your eyes will be feeding on the most scenic views around. All you need to do is set out and find your passion. 

8. Altar River in Norway 

In Altar River, which one of the greatest rivers in Norway, you will get to catch the salmon weighing up to 25 pounds. A lot of people, including those from royalties have visited the river casting their line for the best salmon fishing in Europe. 


Reading about the best fishing in Europe isn’t enough. The real excitement lies in doing it. Well, let nothing stop you from exploiting this wonderful fishing spot that Europe has to offer. Keep the sea fishing holidays Europe as fun as you make Europe your next destination. Enjoy big game fishing holidays in Europe.