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Loft bed plans are an easy way to make your child’s room into their dream bedroom without the cost of a full-sized bed. A loft bed is basically a standard bed with several beds in it, where one bed frame is placed on top of the other, enabling multiple beds to share the same floor space typically required by only one.  

They are most commonly found in ships, on airplanes, in the military, and in dormitories, camps, dorms, private summer homes, and prisons. Loft beds come in different styles, sizes, colors, materials, and prices, and it’s important that you are aware of what style is best for your child’s room before you go out and purchase one. 

The most common material loft beds are made from are metal and wood. Bespoke kids beds are usually used on airplanes and other commercial aircraft because they are tough and don’t dent easily. Wood is usually used on the lower level of a bunkhouse, so it can be reached easily if a child needs to use the bathroom during the night.  

Wooden beds are also popular in daycare centers and schools because they are usually cheaper to build, require no assembly, and are easy to clean. When you are considering a loft bed for your child, you should consider what size bed they will need and how much space you have in the room to work with. 

Most kids loft beds come with desks underneath, either built-in or attached on the side. Some have slides or drawers that can be locked or unlocked with the proper key. A desk is an important feature to consider because it allows your child to do schoolwork, homework, read, write, draw, paint, or study away from distractions such as television or mobile phones. It also helps them get organized. A computer desk is a common feature, but there are also play desks or “workstations” that come with built-in chairs and tables. 

A play desk can double as a bed if you purchase one with storage drawers or compartments built-in. The play desk should have shelving units on both sides and a drawer on the bottom, so your child can place her toys in the drawers and use them when they’re not sleeping. She can look through the bedside table or storage drawers when she needs something, without having to get up to reach it. 

Loft beds are a great choice for small spaces because they offer more sleeping space than most beds. They take up less room than most beds, which makes them perfect for dorms or apartments where there isn’t enough room to accommodate a full-sized bed. Bunk beds are another option if you have two children sharing a bedroom. A bunk beds with stairs doubles as a couch, so kids can sleep on either side, making it easy for parents to sleep in the same room as their kids. With these types of beds, sleeping is always possible. 

If space is at a premium, a loft bed with a ladder is an ideal solution. You can easily install a ladder on your loft bed, providing another way to reach the top. Some models come with pull-outs in the bottom of the bed, making it easier to reach high places on the mattress. In addition, some loft beds feature safety features, such as non-slip flooring, built-in ladders, and railing. These extra features make the beds safer for young children while adding convenience to their day. 

Your loft bed probably won’t have drawers, shelves, or a desk built right into it, but you can buy a desk separately and put it in the bottom bunk. A desk with a drawer is an ideal space saver for college students or other busy people. You can store paper, pens, books, computers, and more in a desk drawer. The desk can be placed in the upper area of the loft bed, where it can be accessed easily during sleep. Some loft beds also have an upper bed area where you can put a flat screen television and accessories, as well as a chair. 

Although a loft bed with a mattress on the bottom is more costly than a kids bunk with steps a bottom bunk, it usually costs less than a full-sized twin or full-sized king-sized bed. The additional cost is worth it, though, when you consider how much time you can save by purchasing the loft bed without having to dress and undress multiple times each day. You can save money on buying a new mattress every few years because most manufacturers guarantee that your mattress will last for five years.  

And, your mattress doesn’t have to be uncomfortable; some loft beds have built-in foam mattresses. Your mattress probably also comes with a warranty, although most manufacturers only offer standard mattress warranties. 

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