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USA Network has been providing us with a wide range of entertainment programming for decades. For more than twenty years, the network has simultaneously earned numerous entertainment awards, yet it doesn’t get the attention and love it deserves. It could be because of its local reputation for producing shows fit for the small screen. However, that’s far from the truth. Formerly known as the Madison Square Garden Sports Network, USA Network successfully established itself in the entertainment industry as Americans’ ultimate favorite. As you might’ve guessed from the name, the cable TV channel came into play for the American audience, but it’s certainly not limited to them only.  

With its original and classical programming taking over our TV screens, the network has won the hearts of many. That said, the network definitely deserves a shout out for offering a whole buffet of quality content all these years. From original TV series and feature films to sports programming, USA Network has something for everyone. The best part is, DIRECTV is a popular TV provider that offers a spectacular channel lineup, including the much-loved USA Network in HD. And to make it easier for you, we’ve listed down the best USA Network TV originals you need to watch in 2020.  So just sit back, relax, grab your popcorn, and enjoy the ride. 

1. Psych 

What happens when a show mixes crime, mystery, and comedy together? You get an excellent show on your plate. Psych has to be USA Network’s biggest hit to date. The story revolves around a novice detective who tricks the police into hiring him by convincing them he has psychic powers. With help from his best friend, and his great observation and detective skills,  Shawn Spencer takes on criminals in his own way. The duo goes through many ups and downs, but can they keep pretending forever? You have to watch to find out. If you’re in search of some light entertainment and a well-written storyline, then your search stops here. Stream Psych on USA Network right now.  

2. Graceland 

Set in Southern California, Graceland is a beachfront turned residential property housing top agents and undercover cops from the FBI, DEA, and Customs. As exciting as it may sound, the place is full of lies, secrets, and floating ideologies. It has everything a true-crime show needs. Cliff-hangers? Check. A druggy and dark storyline? Check. Tight paced twists and dry humor? Check. Good looking people with a knack for causing trouble? Check. Identity crises and ever-evolving caseloads? Check.  

With its interesting and intriguing plot twists, Graceland instantly caught the viewers’ attention from the very first episode of the season. If you’re a fan of intense storylines, extreme action, and some notable drama, Graceland is the perfect pick for you.  

3. Suits 

Suits has a special place on this list. Not just because of an incredibly good looking cast (although that can be a good enough reason, right?) but also because of the perfect blend of drama, romance, and comedy. Leave it to USA Network to turn a classic storyline into something phenomenal. The story goes something like this. Mike Ross is a young genius and a college dropout who works as a lawyer for one of the top tier law firms in New York City. The catch is that they only hire Harvard Law graduates. Confused? Well, not for long. Hired by one of the best closers the city has ever seen, Harvey Specter, the duo goes on a rampage to solve cases together, proving them to be a winning team.  

With Mike’s photographic memory and Harvey’s strong personality, the powerful duo can make anything happen at any cost. But are they ready to pay the price once Mike’s secret gets out? Once you start watching this show, there’s no going back to mediocre courtroom dramas.  

4.White Collar 

A true USA Network fan would understand why this particular piece of brilliance gained a spot on the list. Not only was the show the first to change the channel’s reputation as ‘only made for the USA,’ but it was the first show that gave a crime-action drama a spin. The story is refreshing, the acting is brilliant, and the script is well done. What more can one want? The story shows Matt Bomer is a handsome con artist who starts working for an ambitious FBI agent, played by Peter Burke. In exchange for his freedom, Matt Bomer offers his expertise as a con to help Peter catch criminals. Together, they prove to be a powerful duo. This series is definitely worth watching if you’re a fan of true crime shows with a twist.  

5. Mr. Robot 

With already 2 golden globes in the pocket after the first season, Mr. Robot is another original USA Network Masterpiece that deserves all the praise it gets. The storyline focuses on Elliot, a brilliant young programmer, working as a cyber-security engineer and a hacker at the same time. The twist is that he also suffers from schizophrenia, an abnormal condition he tries his best to control through drugs. One day,  a feisty woman and a middle-aged man named Mr. Robot offered him a job to take down a corrupt company. Except, it was the company he was working for. Sounds enthralling, right? Rami Malek’s explicable acting and portrayal of socially awkward and depressed millennial makes the show even more interesting and relatable to a mature audience 

This dark story is bound to take you on an exciting journey inside a morphine-snorting sociopath’s brain. 

6. Playing House 

Feminine in its appeal, Playing House embodies a certain breezy yet comedic twist. This was USA Network’s initial attempt at experimenting and moving away from the ‘mystery, thriller and crime’ genre. The story revolves around two best friends, Maggie and Emma, going through the ups and downs of life together. The banter, humor, stories, and bond they share and portray are incredible. From awkward situations and baby showers to disastrous brunches, the duo has been through everything. Except now, they have to mark on their biggest adventure yet – raising a baby. 

The Bottom Line 

USA Network offers a fun mix of crime, drama, comedy, and sports programming, which you seriously do not want to miss. These top 6 picks will surely have you glued to your seat, so what are you waiting for? Grab some buttered popcorn and enjoy your USA Network subscription.  

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