Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Birthdays are an important occasion we cannot afford to miss. Be it your own womb escape day or your loved ones, “Happy Birthday” wishes by word of mouth or text messages alone will not properly express the joy and happiness from the heart. Gifts are the only way anyone can sum up all the feelings and emotions other than going with the happy birthday anthem. And the best part about gifts is that there is no limit to what you can give or receive on this special day. As long as you add your personal touch to the gift, the impressions you will make will last in the heart and mind of your loved one forever. You can add a flair only your loved one will have on some of the usual gifting items like cakes, flowers, cushions, mugs, t-shirts, and jewellery. 

With online gift stores, you do not have to stress about going from pillar to pole searching for the perfect gift and travelling miles to give your heartwarming presents. While in the comfort of your home, you can surprise your loved one with a ding on their doorbell with heart-melting gifts like online cake delivery in Nagpur and many other cities in India. Continuing on that subject, in this post, we share top personalised birthday gifts that will surely melt the heart of your loved ones. Read on. 

When searching for the best gift to surprise our loved ones, there are high chances that someone will also gift them with a similar item.  

Personalised diary 

Taking note of things you have to do and that happens in your life, is an important task everyone has to do on their own. A diary is a perfect book to write down personal goals and track progress be it in school, work, event planning, and other occurrences in life. You can surprise your loved one with a personalised diary on their special day. The diary can be personalised with a name, photos, and quotes/messages (on covers and in between pages).  

Personalised birthday cakes 

An occasion without a cake just sounds dull. Be it that your loved one is having a party celebration or not, it is customary to have a birthday cake on this special occasion. Whether you are getting a gift for a kid/adult, male/female; there is always a cake specifically for the recipient. And you can take your pick from a variety of cake flavours, designs, colours, and ingredients. Some of the best cakes of all-time are chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, fruit, jungle-themed, and black forest cakes. In addition to the various cake options, you can have it personalised to say your best wishes out loud with a name, message, and photo. 


Plants create that connection between the physical, natural, and material world. They absorb carbon dioxide and toxins from the air, giving us oxygen which benefits us humans and other living creatures. Other than the exchange of air, plants are also a great source of food. Gifting your loved one a plant on their birthday will not only bring them fresh air and great a great decor contrast. Throughout our tradition, the harmony between plants and humans has been explained with beliefs that some plants possess certain charms (good spirits). And some of these plants are money plants, snake plants, lucky bamboo plants, and rubber plants, among many others. You can give your loved one a plant in a personalised vase with name, quote, and photo. 

Personalised photo frame 

Special moments deserve to be cherished. There is a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, which we all agree with the memories we have by just looking at an old photo from our happy times. You will always be in the heart and mind of your loved one when they see that picture on their walls or bedside. You can take things to another level by having the photo frame personalised with a message and a contemporary wooden or ceramic finish. 

Printed Mug 

A warming cup of coffee or tea is always welcome at any time of the day. Gifting your loved one a printed mug on their special day is a great way to imprint the thought of you when having tea/coffee, at home or in the office. The mug can be personalised with a theme, name, photo, and message.