Fri. May 24th, 2024

When it comes to buying a food crate for industries that are related to food manufacturing and food processing one of the inherent equipment that you need is the food crates and bins.

You need to find out the right type of food crates and bins as they too have lots of different sizes and shapes and of course, there are some critical things you need to look at before buying them.

In this article, we will give you an idea about the same.

First, consider the types of food crates

The types of food crates are many. Each one of the below-mentioned food crates has some unique features and functionalities linking them. To check them out online and buy from the best Australian supplier click on Team Systems.

Closed food crates

The closed food crates are ideal for storing any food items that are dry foods or fluid food items. Or else you may also store spices in them. The closed food crates are ideal for storing fluid food items too.

Remember though that they do not have any room for ventilation.

Ventilated food crates

The ventilated food crates have aerated holes in them that allow air passage through them. These are ideal for storing organic food items that may decay or rot if stored in closed containers. Check out the different sizes on Team Systems.

Stackable crates

The advantage of using the stackable crates is that they can be piled up on top of one another ensuring that they don’t consume a lot of storage space, especially when not in use. The stackable crates come in an open-top configuration and do not have any closing lid on the top.

Folding crates

The foldable crates are also the ones that you can use to fold them up whenever not in need and save storage space. The foldable crates come indifferent varieties and shapes that you may check out on the Team Systems website.

Qualities and certifications you need to ensure while buying one When it comes to buying food crates you will have to look for certifications and standards that come marked up on them.

Ensuring non-reactiveness

For ensuring the non-reactiveness of the food crates they need to be of food-grade quality. Find out stickers and labels affirming this certification from the manufacturer while buying one.

Ensuring that they can be used in cold storages

The food containers must be adaptable for use in cold temperatures. You have to store your food items on crates in cold storages time and time again.