Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

The use of large plastic storage containers in the food industry is immense. You can buy and use them for different purposes such as storing, processing, and transporting food items.

When you talk of these crates remember that all of them bear the food-grade certification to enable them to be certified as an ideal food storage container.

But there are numerous types of plastic tubs and storage containers used in the food industry. In this article, we will focus on the different types of food storage containers within the food industry and how you can make use of them accurately.

Let’s begin…

Stacking crates

Stacking crates as the name suggests is an idea for storing food items. These crates may be used in the processing stage whenever required but ideally, they serve as large containers for storage. They come in the open-top configuration only. The benefit when you buy large plastic crates is that they reduce the amount of storage significantly. You see these containers can be easily stacked on top of one another to preventing the need for excess storage space.

Nesting crates

Nesting crates are the ones that come in a top covered configuration and this means that they have a covering lid on the top. Nesting crates are ideal for storing any food item that you may want to prevent from getting contaminated by dust smoke or any other particulate matter. Remember that the lid seals the food item inside and therefore for liquid containers it will automatically prevent spillage.

Ventilated crates

Ventilated crates come in two types of configuration that is the open-top configuration and the closed-top configuration. Buy them as per your needs. If you are to buy large plastic crates of the ventilated type then you must know that they can be used for storing perishable food items or even during the food processing stage such as for washing or rinsing food items.

Rectangular containers

The large rectangular containers are ideal for storing just about any food item whether solid or liquid. These are generally used for storing some under-processing food items and compounds that might be needed during the food processing stage.

Circular tanks

The shape may be different but the end purpose if you are to buy large plastic crates of the circular type is all the more same and that is for storing. They might help store food items that are fluid and prevent their spillage.