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In understanding with the UAE Law of Personal Status, marriage is a legal agreement between two individuals (man and a lady), focusing on protecting the privileges of wedded individuals and their kids. This agreement requires certain conditions to be accomplished before it gets legitimate. 

In this article, we will attempt to respond to certain inquiries raised by the UAE occupants about the marriage of exiles and its necessary conditions. 

General Conditions 

The fundamental general conditions for exiles (Non-UAE Nationals) to get hitched in the UAE are as per the following: 

– Paperwork requires roughly a month 

– At the hour of marriage, both the gatherings to the marriage probably finished the age of 18 years. 

– Two observers with their ID verification. 

Marriage of Muslim Expatriates 

There are additionally conditions and prerequisites for Muslim ostracizes to gain a marriage testament according to Shari’a (Islamic Law): 

– Both sides to the marriage should be Muslims. 

– Where one of the gatherings is a non-Muslim, at that point a proof of transformation to Islam should be required. 

– A lawful UAE home visa is an unquestionable requirement for both lady of the hour and husband to be. Just in Dubai, at any rate one gathering to the marriage (spouse, wife’s gatekeeper or husband) ought to have a home visa. 

– The lady of the hour’s dad. For the situation of his nonappearance, a gatekeeper or a lawyer should be available with the gatherings to the marriage in the court. 

– Two Muslim male observers. 

– Birth testaments of both the gatherings. 

– Passports and copies of the gatherings to the marriage. 

– Passports and identifications copies of the observers. 

– Presenting an early screening and blood test embraced at the Ministry of Health. 

– on the off chance that one of the gatherings or both are divorced people, the legal documents and past marriage endorsements or 

– on the off chance that one the gatherings is a widow or single man, at that point a passing declaration of the previous mate. 

Marriage of UAE Nationals 

The fundamental conditions for the marriage of UAE Nationals (according to Islamic law) are: 

– Both the gatherings to the marriage are Muslims 

– Where one of the gatherings is a non-Muslim, at that point a proof of transformation to Islam should be required. 

– Marriage should be enlisted in a Shari’a court in the UAE. 

– Both the gatherings to the marriage has finished 18 Hijri years, or probably the appointed authority’s assent is required. 

– A life partner’s age should not be double the age of the other; or the consequences will be severe, the appointed authority’s assent is required. 

– Pre-conjugal screening declaration is required. 

– Bride’s dad alongside the couple and two male Muslim observers are required. 

– Presence of the following nearest male gatekeeper if there should arise an occurrence of father’s passing is required. 

– in the event that one of the gatherings is a widow or single man, at that point a passing authentication of the previous companion is required. 

– If the lady’s dad is certifiably not a Muslim, a ‘No Objection’ letter is required from her international safe haven. 

There are explicit specialists answerable for conducting Islamic relationships. Such relationships are directed through Sharia courts or by UAE Judicial divisions or potentially by the Ma’zoon (marriage officials who are ministers) in the UAE. 

Marriage of Non-Muslim(s) 

The conditions for a Non-Muslim to get hitched in the UAE are: 

– Parties should design a marriage in a congregation or to their separate international safe haven or their country’s department in the UAE. 

– Any nation may require their resident to record a use of their marriage at their government office or office in the UAE and interaction accordingly. 

– The marriage ought to be enrolled in the consulates of both the gatherings in the UAE. 

– Marriage laws are material according to the laws of their country. 

– Both the gatherings are needed to have a home visa. On the off chance that one of the gatherings have a visit visa, he/she should go through a clinical examination in the UAE before marriage. 

Uncommon Cases 

There are likewise some unique situations where there are certain prerequisites: 

– If an Emirati lady (ethnicity not obtained by reliance) weds an ostracized man, the lady should have the endorsement of her folks or watchman. The man (exile) should be a legal consultancy in Dubai and gives an endorsement of appropriate conduct given by the UAE specialists. 

– If a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) public or resident of other Islamic nations wishes to wed a gathering of an alternate ethnicity then they should have endorsement from their own country. 

– An outsider who needs to wed an Emirati resident should secure a declaration of appropriate conduct gave by the UAE Authorities. 

– An Emirati lady who has procured citizenship through expansion isn’t allowed to wed an outsider. 


– There’s consistently a need to view the laws of the nation of origin or the nation’s consulate if the gatherings to the marriage are of various identities, as there are diverse legal advice in Dubai conditions needed for a union to be legitimate. 

– Marriages which are acted in the UAE or in a congregation or sanctuary in the UAE, it should be enlisted at the separate UAE Court. Else, it won’t be recognized in the UAE or in some other country. 

– Court marriage is naturally enrolled in the UAE. 

– Marriages which are performed outside the UAE, and are legitimate, at that point the authority marriage endorsement of that nation is recognized by the UAE. Albeit the marriage authentication should be bore witness to by the outsiders’ office and the UAE Embassy. 

– The gatherings to a marriage should obtain a marriage endorsement in Arabic. In the event that it is in English, at that point an Arabic deciphered endorsement should be obtained by an authority interpreter who should be then confirmed by the Notary Public at the Court in Dubai. 

– The certificate should additionally go through validation by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) individually. Further, in request to confirm the testament for legitimacy in their own country, one requirements to visit their nation’s government office and obtain the MoFA validation to check using it in their own country. 

– The UAE marriage permit can be allowed on paying the necessary charges alongside the necessary reports. In spite of the fact that verification is needed by both MoJ and MoFA. 

– Marriages can be denied based on clinical screening testament in the event that one of the candidates to marriage experiences any adaptable sickness or hereditarily inherited blood infection. 

– Under the UAE laws, live seeing someone are disallowed for all residents and inhabitants regardless of their religion or identity. 

– In understanding with the UAE laws, polygamy is permitted.