Fri. May 24th, 2024

 Southwest Flight gives its customers the flexibility to cancel their booked tickets. However, the deduction charges are applicable on the booked SW flight tickets. Passengers should check the cancellation rules and terms before cancelling their booked tickets. Here we have listed some of the important rules and terms related to Southwest Flight Cancellation

Southwest Paid Reservation Cancellation

Southwest provides four alternative fares which are Wanna Get Away, Wanna Get Away Plus, Anytime, and Business Select. The precise Southwest refund policy varies per fare. Those who booked under Wanna Get Away or Wanna Get Away Plus prices, these fares are refundable.

Moreover, Southwest flight cancellation and refund also depends on the time of cancellation and fare type selected by the passenger. Passengers who cancel the ticket at the last moment (same day of departure) are not eligible for refund benefits in most of the cases. This fare credit no longer has an expiration date, however it may only be transferred to another Rapid Rewards member if you book a Wanna Get Away Plus flight.

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Cancelling a Southwest reservation purchased with points

You can cancel award tickets without penalty, and the points you redeemed will be returned to the account you used to purchase the flights. Even the taxes and fees paid for the reward reservation might be refunded to the original credit card used for the transaction.


Changing a Southwest Flight

Changing a Southwest flight is simple and follows the same no-fee policy. Changing a flight is useful if you want to take another flight on the same day, go on a different day, or fly to an entirely new location.
The advantage of rescheduling a flight over canceling and rebooking is that if you booked EarlyBird Check-in, the price paid will remain with your reservation. If you cancel your flight after paying for this add-on, you will not receive the cost back.


Southwest Flight Cancellation for Points

 Changing a Southwest flight booked with points is one of the finest options. While the terms are the same as for a paid reservation, if your new itinerary costs less than your current itinerary, the difference in points is credited to your account.
This also applies if your flight has been reduced in price. By going through the “Change flight” process, you may eventually reprice your existing fare and immediately receive the difference in points back into your account. There’s no reason to wait to book your flights with Southwest’s simple change policy.


What after Southwest Flight Cancellation

 Southwest is really helpful in finding another flight that works best for you – with no cost increase. If there is a weather alert (such as a snowfall or a hurricane), the airline will add prospective cities to the list as soon as practicable. This helps you to plan ahead of time and reschedule your flight to prevent probable cancellations.

Southwest enables you to alter your flight 14 days in either direction, which is longer than any other airline’s grace period. If you do not intend to travel, please cancel your reservation at least 10 minutes before the flight’s planned departure time.

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