Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Today, students require much more than notebooks and papers to excel in their academics. Most university courses, for instance, ask students to carry their laptops for project completion, note-taking, and such other curriculum-related activities. Moreover, using this device can ensure enhanced convenience when preparing lessons or completing homework. 

However, due to their limited budget, students cannot afford high-end PCs. Instead, they mostly restrict their choices to laptops under 25000 or a similar budget that remains affordable. Fortunately, various laptop brands available in the Indian market provide a wide range of options under this price segment, ensuring sufficient choice for buyers. 

Still, one should know the important factors to consider before acquiring a suitable laptop for students. 

What should you consider while selecting a laptop for students? 

While various models of laptops under 25000 are available for suitable use of students, simply picking a random device that remains affordable is never a good idea. Instead, you need to consider the specifications that come along to match your utility requirements. Additionally, checking the durability of a laptop is also important, especially for students. Thus, here is a complete list of aspects you must check beforehand – 

  • How much does your laptop weigh? 

Students often need to carry their laptops to class every day or use it for online classes. A heavy device would only add to the already existing weight that students they need to haul in their backpacks. Thus, one should always opt for lighter laptops for study, even if it means picking a device with a smaller build and compact display. 

Generally, a laptop weighing between 1.5kgs and 2kgs should be easy enough to carry. Therefore, it would be advisable to stick to this range for maximum comfort when looking for the best laptops in India within budget. 

  • Does it come pre-installed with Microsoft Office? 

The Microsoft Office Suite offers programmes that are irreplaceable for students, regardless of whether they are pursuing higher degrees or their secondary education. Programs like the Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. are some of the most important applications you would need in your device for regular use. While several laptops under 25000 do not ship with licensed versions of these applications, you can still find a few that do. 

Failing that, you would need to purchase this programme separately from Microsoft’s website, which would require an additional investment. 

  • What is the internal storage capacity? 

Students need sufficient space to store all of their notes, presentations or projects on their laptops. While external hard disk drives are available in the market, most of them are bulky and difficult to carry around. Therefore, the best choice would be to opt for devices with at least 1 TB of internal storage capacity. 

SSD storage option is an added benefit, available primarily in some of the best laptops in India. If your budget allows it, it is preferable to pick a laptop offering this fast storage facility. It can reduce the time consumed in booting and improves the performance of certain applications. 

  • What OS does the laptop run on? 

Consider whether the laptop you choose comes with Windows 10 pre-installed or with any other operating system version. Some budget laptops, for instance, ship with MS-DOS. Students buying such a device would need to acquire a licensed Windows 10 or at the least the 8.1 version separately, which can drive up the overall costs. Generally, users stick to Windows 10 devices, or those running on MacOS. However, you will rarely find laptops under 25000 running on the latter, which are otherwise available for Windows OS. 

  • Can you take advantage of financing options? 

A laptop can be an expensive product, especially for students who often lack a regular income source. Financing options are thus always welcome, which allow you to service the cost through convenient instalments. The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, for example, enables users to shop for products with a high-value credit. 

When picking a laptop, check whether such financing facilities are available at the store you are making such purchase with. If you are a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network member, you can pick any one of the more than 1 lakh outlets across India and avail easy financing when purchasing such products. 

This NBFC also provides pre-approved offers to simplify such credit applications, speeding up the process entirely. These offers are available on personal loans, credit cards, and such other financial products. You can check your pre-approved offer by submitting just a few essential contact details. 

  • Is the laptop durable enough for everyday use? 

Finally, check to see whether the laptop you choose offers durability with regular usage. It is best to know that some inexpensive models may come with a wobbly lid. Others can feel delicate to the touch, affecting their durability. Moreover, you will need to shell out a significant sum to repair these laptops once their warranty runs out. 

Therefore, as the build quality can determine how long this device lasts, it is always wiser to opt for one that extends years of use against minimum wear and tear. 

Regardless of the brand of laptop you purchase, considering these factors should help you pick the right model. Even with a limited budget, students can acquire dependable and quality laptops under 25000.