Fri. May 24th, 2024

Modern businesses are currently facing an unprecedented crisis. Sales are down, fewer customers are walking into stores, and everyone is concerned about the economy.Small and mid-sized businesses are at risk of shutting down and are facing an uncertain future. The economic and social crisis caused by the pandemic has made many businesses cut down expenses wherever possible.Some have turned to DIY photography instead of investing in professional product photography services. Here’s a look at some reasons why professional-quality images are essential for 2021: 

Shift from In-Person Shopping to Online Shopping 

At the end of 2019, consumer behavior and shopping habits were predictable. Online shopping was growing in popularity but regular brick-and-mortar stores were stillthriving. The pandemic changed the industry significantly and brick-and-mortar established came to a near stand-still. In 2020, businesses suffered a massive blow and in-person shopping came to a near stand-still. Most consumers have started to shop online and rarely venture out for in-store shopping. 

This shift from in-person to online shopping has affected the world of eCommerce as well. Businesses have to deal with increased competition and a new target audience as people that preferred in-person shopping are forced to rely on eCommerce for their basic needs. 

Consumers are also spending less and are even more selective in their purchase decisions. They look at more reviews and seek out information about the product from different sources to make an informed decision. 

All of these changes have forced businesses to adapt and change their marketing strategy. They can’t afford to compromise on their online presence and must deliver the best possible experience to their target audience. 

The Importance of Professional Product Photography Services 

Professional product photography is an important investment during this trying time because it has a big impact on customer behavior. Most modern consumers consider product images more informative than text descriptions and will base their purchase decisions on the quality of the pictures. Here’s a look at some reasons why professional product photography services are an important investment: 

1. Quality of the Images

Modern phone or point-to-shoot cameras are incredibly sophisticated and provided detailed images. However, you can still tell the difference between DIY images and professional photographs. Experts put in a lot of work into product photographs to make sure your products look incredible in the images. They plan the composition carefully to ensure the item is the hero of the image. They also make sure the background is relevant and the lighting highlights the product’s best features. 

Professional-quality product images go through a comprehensive editing process as well. Experts scan every picture carefully, look for flaws and issues like bad white balance or blurry sections. They use tools like Photoshop to make sure the photographs look polished and professional. 

2. Suitable for All Platforms

Professional images look great on all platforms, including mobile and tablet screens. These images are designed for high-resolution displays and can pass the closest scrutiny easily. According to some surveys, around 45% of all eCommerce sales in the U.S happen on the mobile platform. You need to make sure your images look great on the mobile screens if you want to beat the competition. 

Fortunately, experienced professionals know what kind of images look great on mobile and tablet screens. They always keep the immersive experience offered by mobile phones when they plan the composition. In most cases, an image on the mobile screen will occupy a user’s entire field of vision, which is why it is important to ensure it is flawless. Professional product photography services are a good idea because you can be certain the customers won’t find any errors, regardless of how closely they look at the images. 

3. Different Types of Images

As mentioned before, customers rely on product images to get more information on the item. Every product page should have around three to five images to showcase the product in the best possible manner. Professional photographers know how to make a comprehensive portfolio of images for your page. They will take shots from different angles, use sophisticated lenses to capture intricate details, and change the backgrounds to provide more information. 

There are three main styles of photography; lifestyle, creative in-studio, and product on white. All three options have their advantages and disadvantages. Lifestyle photography showcases the product in real-life conditions. It often includes models, outdoor locations, and props. Creative in-studio is shot indoors but has interesting background elements to highlight the purpose of the product. The third option is the product on white, which is the simplest and most effective style. The product is placed against a plain white background so prospective customers can see all of the colors, textures, and dimensions of the product easily. 

4. Different Websites

Businesses post their product images on different websites to increase exposure. It is common for people to use the pictures on their website, eCommerce platforms like Amazon, social media networks, email newsletters, and even offline publications. Different platforms have different image quality requirements. Professional product photography servicesare a worthwhile investment because they provide images suitable for a wide range of platforms. For example, if you want to upload the images on both Amazon and your business website, you need to make the pictures live up to Amazon’s guidelines. 

Professional photographers keep track of all the popular platforms and will make sure they’re up-to-date on the latest guidelines. All you need to do is mention where you want to use the images and they will alter the composition accordingly. Discuss your campaign goals and targets with your photographer during the consultation for the best results. 

If you want to get the most from product photography services, hire a reliable and reputable company for the job. Look at the studio’s portfolio carefully and get in touch with their past clients. It is also a good idea to discuss your budget with the studio and compare their quote with other vendors. Most studios will offer discounts on bulk photography and help you cut corners if needed